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What is the Tracking notification on iPhone?

Tracking notifications on the iPhone is one of the unique features of the iPhone. With the help of this feature, it allows iPhone users to stay updated with useful and important information from device apps even though you are not using the same particular apps. 

Tracking notifications provide another great service when unidentified trackable devices such as the Find My Network, Air tag, and Air pods are moving along with you. The other purpose of this feature they designed to prevent the other person track you without your persimmon or consent.

In simple words, tracking notifications the push notification which gives a reminder to their iPhone user about their app’s activity, location and usage pattern. This feature was implemented by Apple for the safety and security of the user. There are mainly two types of tracking notification, the first one is app tracking notification and the second option is device location tracking. 

App Tracking Notifications 

Tracking notification apps on iPhone helps the user when and how to use the app according to their choice and in other words, we can customize our phone apps by changing the notification sound, theme, grant permission, or not.

 You can change the app permission by following these steps.

  1. Go to settings
  2. Click the privacy or security option
  3. Tap the tracking ( list of apps would be visible, where you grant permission on or off for any app on the list ) 
  4. If you want to stop all apps from asking permission to track you, you just need to turn off Allow the app that wants to track you.

Device Location Tracking

On the phone, many apps use your real-time location as a service and send you notifications and any kind of update related to your current location. So if you want the notification update information on your device, you can grant persimmon by enabling the device location tracking. Apps that use device location tracking are camera, social media apps ( Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat) 

How To Turn Tracking Notifications On or Off on An iPhone?

  1. Go to the settings apps on your iPhone
  2. Tap the notification options, then scroll down a little until you find the tracking notifications tab and then click that option.
  3. Turn on or off according to your preference.

You can even customise your tracking notifications like how you want to receive the tracking notifications by changing the sound, banner style, toggle and preview show when you open your iPhone.

Importance of Tracking Notifications

There are the same benefits you will enjoy by allowing the tracking notifications are 

  • Full control over location data
  • Protection against unwanted tracking 
  • Real-Time Awareness
  • Mitigation risk 


By enabling the tracking notifications on your device it gives you updates or reminders about your phone battery usage, apps activity and location. It also helps to optimise your device security by disable the tracking your device without you permission. 

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