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5 Signs of a Weak Business Security

In today’s fast-paced environment, businesses focus on expanding their portfolio of services without acknowledging the risk of cyber threats. Technology is constant, and therefore, cybercriminals are actively looking for weak points in technology to break in. Successful cyberattacks can lead to unrecoverable setbacks and damage to reputation. Therefore, if your company operates in an online space, it’s important to secure your network infrastructure.

As technology evolves, most companies start embracing new solutions to keep their day-to-day operations streamlined. While the advancement of technology is helping businesses to grow and become self-sufficient, it also makes them prone to cyber threats. Therefore, weakened system security has noticeable signs that business owners need to pay attention to. Assessing your current state of system security will help you to implement a robust security solution.

Here are 5 signs of weak business security to consider a solution.

Why You Need to Identify Security Gaps?

Having security gaps in your company can be targeted by cybercriminals anytime. This will cause not only interruptions in daily operations but also compliance issues. Specifically, if your company stores customers’ sensitive data, including their bank details, credit cards, and other personal information. If your system gets breached and cybercriminals steal away confidential information, your company may get imposed with fines and restrictions.

Considering these negative impacts, enhancing your company’s security is crucial. Here are 5 signs telling you to safeguard your network right away.

1.      Lack of Firewalls

The use of firewalls is very important if your business has internal and external connections. Firewalls help you filter out traffic from your network, helping you block incoming traffic that may be harmful. In most scenarios, businesses use Wi-Fi routers that are not robust enough to deploy firewalls.

Additionally, having a firewall only for any specific device is not enough either. Cybercriminals can target multiple devices running in your organization. Therefore, having a firewall for your whole network infrastructure is important. Also, to evaluate the need for firewalls, organizations opt for solutions like penetration testing companies in UAE to get authorized cyberattack attempts on their network.

2.      Receiving Malicious Emails

Another sign of Weak Business Security is malicious emails. If you constantly receive malicious emails from unknown senders, it may be time to consider a solution. In most cases, these emails are crafted professionally and can trick your employees into something crucial. Knowing this, it’s important to secure the company’s email inbox.

The chances of receiving these emails are higher if you are still using the old email system. These outdated email systems are prone to get breached as they don’t use password encryption. Therefore, a company’s inbox without password encryption can be compromised with ease by any cybercriminal.

3.      Outdated Security Software

Most companies use anti-malware software to protect their data and avoid getting breached. The use of anti-malware software can help only when it’s properly maintained and updated. This software is configured to run scheduled scans in your system to find anything suspicious. However, most employees tend to stop the scans if they are scheduled during their working hours, leaving your systems vulnerable.

Along with configuration, it’s also important to actively look out for updates and install immediately because it weak Business Security. Having outdated anti-malware software is good for nothing, as it can’t safeguard your network against modern-day threats. Software developers release new updates frequently to address emerging threats and keep your infrastructure safe.

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4.      Unsecured Mobile Devices

In today’s age, employees can stay in touch with their relevant teams even when they are not in the office. While this provides convenience and ease, it can also lead to various security risks that can affect your whole business. Most mobile phones are already infected with malware; therefore, using it to access your company data can be crucial.

Even if one device that is connected to your company gets affected by malware, it can spread to your entire network. Considering this, you can restrict them from accessing the company’s profile from any personal device. Or, you could encourage them to be more careful and teach them how to protect their mobile phones, which is essential.

5.      Open Wireless Networks

A bunch of wireless routers can make everyone in your company go online. Having a wireless network can be a cost-effective solution, but it can also be used as a portal by cybercriminals. Specifically, when your office routers are open for anyone to connect, they easily get compromised.

Cybercriminals know and can use the techniques to interfere in your opened networks. They can start capturing all the data that is being transferred and received by your employees. Therefore, businesses take help from penetration testing service in UAE that use ethical hacking to attempt your network with the most common and trending cyberattacks. This helps you assess the current level of your network security to implement the required solutions.

How Can You Assess Your Company Security?

Fill all the security gaps that weak Business Security before they get breached. Maintain your positive reputation by keeping your company’s and customers’ data safe. Contact now to help you evaluate your company security.

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