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How Custom Frozen Food Packaging Can Be An Economical Option? 

Almost every brand uses custom frozen food packaging because of its economical nature. Some of the new bees may feel resistance when thinking about investing in custom boxes because of the cost, nonetheless when compared to the ordinary packaging the benefits of these boxes are much more higher and the cost of the boxes is quite low. 

It is a wrong perception that the customization of boxes is an expensive process and that for small brands it may be a difficult thing to do. However, when compared to the resultant benefits of traditional packaging, then the custom printed frozen food boxes are relatively economical. 

Furthermore, if you contact a company that is providing wholesale rates then you can further reduce the cost of the boxes. Several features will convince you about the cost-effectiveness of boxes. 

Factors Making Custom Frozen Food Packaging Economical 

Not all custom boxes are economical because not every brand pays attention to every detail while designing the boxes. However, by carefully crafting the boxes you can make sure that their price does not exceed a certain limit. 

For frozen food packaging, materials, printing methods, packaging styles, and finishings all must be selected as per the requirement of the products so that you will not damage the frozen food. The selection of the same things decides the cost of your product pacakging/. Let’s see how we can reduce the box’s cost: 


In the manufacturing of custom boxes, a paper-based material is used. When compared to plastic and metallic packaging materials like aluminum, the cost of paper is low. As we know the increase in the cost of boxes will lead to a rise in the costs of packed food which is why it is necessary to check the box prices. 

For your custom freezer food boxes wholesale, you can use cardboard, corrugated, and kraft material. These materials will give you dual benefits i.e. lower cost but high protection. 

Many food manufacturers question the quality of paper-based materials when it comes to the protection of food, nonetheless, paper-based materials i.e. kraft, cardboard, and corrugation all are tear-resistant and durable giving ideal protection to frozen food without increasing the budget. 

Printing Options 

Obviously, we cannot sell our products in plain custom tuck top boxes. The printings on the boxes may lead to an increase in the cost of the packaging. For example, if you are using offset printing, then the cost increases significantly because custom plates are required to print the designs. 

But if you want to keep your packaging cost low then you can use digital printing on the boxes that will give you the desired arrow on the boxes in a limited time. As this process is automated and fast so its cost is lower than the other printing processes. 


On your custom boxes in the USA, you can use economical ad-ons. These add-ons will add a charm to your frozen food packaging making it attractive to the customers. The best and most economical add-ons are two i.e. embossing and debossing. 

In embossing a raised impression of the printed artwork or typography is obtained. On the other hand, in debssing the depressed impression is achieved. You can use any of the two options and design your boxes elegantly. 


The addition of finishings to the boxes increases the overall cost of the packaging. But without finishing, you can not keep the printed designs on the boxes intact. There are two types of coatings that you can use on the boxes and their cost vary from each other. 

Laminations are coatings that increase the protection of the custom printed kraft boxes material nonetheless they are expensive. On the other hand, varnishes can be used on the boxes that are good when it comes to material protection and their price is also lower than laminations. 

Befitting Box Styles 

The size of the packaging is also important in keeping the price of the boxes under budget. Get a box that is of ideal size so that you will not have to use box fillers. A perfect box style will give your product a professional look and allow you to get higher sales. 

Wholesale Companies 

Apart from the raw material, there is one very crucial thing with the help of which you can reduce the cots of the boxes i.e. the packaging company. For your custom frozen food boxes, you must select a packaging industry that provides wholesale rates. You just have to order a certain number of boxes to enjoy the wholesale option. 

Wrap Up! 

Custom frozen food packaging can be an economical option if it is designed with a professional mindset and by careful selection of the packaging raw material. The selection of paper-based material and proper printing methods will reduce the cost of the boxes and help you remain within your budget. 

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