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What is the Keyboard Shortcut for Undo and Redo for Mac and Windows?

Keyboard shortcuts are definitely very interesting and useful things that you can use while performing any action on your computer. Keyboard shortcuts are the easiest way with which you can very easily perform an action and this is why people wish to know about all the keyboard shortcuts that are considered necessary. 

The undo and the redo action on a computer is one of the most common operations that people perform; however, not many people are familiar with the keyboard shortcut for Undo and redo. Well, if you are also not familiar with the same then do not worry as in the guide, we will be telling you about the undo and the redo shortcut that you can easily use on your computer. 

How Can You Use A Keyboard Shortcut for Undo?

Undo is used by people to delete the last action that you have done on your computer and this is a very important feature as many people use it. Learning the undo shortcut is not very difficult but we are still explaining the details to you.

1. On Windows 

If you wish to undo any action on windows then, you simply need to press the keys Ctrl and Z together on your keyboard. Know that you do not need to select the text as the computer will know the last action that you have performed and this is why you can very easily undo any text on your computer. 

2. On Mac

Just like you need to use the Z key on Windows, you also need to use the same key here; however, you need to press the ‘Command’ button in place of Ctrl on a Mac. 

How Can You Use the Keyboard Shortcut for Redo?

Redo action on a computer is the complete opposite of the Undo button. You use redo when you wish to change the undo action. If you have used undo and you wish to restore the thing that you have deleted you can use the redo keyboard shortcut for the same. Here, we are also telling you about the Redo shortcut so that you can easily use it whenever you want. 

1. On Windows

It is very easy to redo an action on your computer as you simply have to press the ‘Ctrl + Y’ key when you wish to restore whatever you have just deleted. You can also use the shortcut ‘Ctrl + Shift +Z’ as the redo shortcut. 

There are a few redo shortcuts that you can use and F4 is also one of them. These different redo actions can be used in different Windows applications. 

2. On a Mac

Looking for a keyboard shortcut for redo on a Mac? Well, you just need to press the Command and the Y keys for the redo action. Another shortcut that you can use for redo is to press ‘Command + Shift + Z’ together to ensure that you can get anything back that you have just deleted.

We hope that you have understood all the shortcuts that we have shared here in the guide that will assist you with the redo and the undo actions. For more information you may also visit the official website of Softfind.

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