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How to Unread Messages On Instagram 2024?

Instagram is a widely used platform these days among teenagers. The craze is so high that people spend a lot of time on social media platforms. But people often face challenges in figuring out how to unread messages on Instagram. As social media platforms keep updating their features and functionalities to engage people using their apps and stay up to date in the competitive market as well. So, today we will discuss the various methods through which you can easily unread the message. 

How to Unread Messages on Instagram?

Unreading the read message could be a great option if you might have read the message that you don’t wish to read by mistake or out of curiosity in this case users want they can unread the read message on the Instagram app. The following ways can be used to unread messages that you might have seen out of curiosity or mistake. For those who ask if they can you unread a message on Instagram, so for these questions the simple answer is “Yes”.

1. Turn Instagram into Professional Account

Users are advised to turn their Instagram personal account into a professional, which allows users to provide multiple options, enable, and advantages. Like, users can categorize the chats as per their convenience like General, Unread, etc.

2. Use DM Pro

There is a third-party tool available to easily unread the read messages which is “DMpro”, by using the third-party app you can easily use multiple features like filtering, scheduling, archiving, and a lot more. As per the feedback of various users of Instagram it is found to be a great way to achieve the desired functions. 

3. Turn off Wifi

Users can also try turning off the WIFI immediately when they see the received message from their Instagram friend. By turning off Wifi or cellular users can stop the action they have taken by mistake.

4. Read through Notifications

If you don’t want to come into the process of reading and unread, then you can also read the message from the Notifications. The Notifications toggle should be enabled for this. 

Other Steps to Unread Messages on Instagram

The various steps that should be taken to unread the message. 

  1. Users should hold the message that they have read by chance.
  2. A prompt will appear, with multiple options which will allow you to choose an option,
  3. Choose the option “Mark as unread” to make the message unread.

With these simple steps, users can unread the read messages on the social media platform Instagram.

So, there are various ways through which users can see the received message and even unread the message that they have seen by mistake. So, the frequent question of “How to unread a message on IG” should be an easy step for Instagram users now. Instagram has great customer support too, which users can use and contact in case of any problem. The easy steps that are mentioned in the article can be used to easily unread the messages on the Social media platform Instagram.

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